burn it!

should i burn it?

the bin, on in this case dvd, packing problem

i've got a number of animations and working files in folders.
they vary in size from a few hundred mb to over a gb.
to back them up i usually wait until i have enough to fit on a dvd.
occasionally though i get slack and end up with 6 or 7 gbs worth that i still haven't archived.

so my problem is to choose a set of the folders to burn so that the free space on the dvd is minimised
algorithm nerds might notice this is very similiar to the classic bin packing problem

so here are my 16 folders with their sizes in bytes

209964	./rgb checker spheres
535228	./360statue
345172	./4step
1137844	./9blobs
347508	./a minute of pi
943540	./back2revisited
646040	./bw meta reflect2
455616	./bw nye spin
535436	./chocolate stand
257348	./closed motor particles
924450	./rgb torus reflect
437804	./the cell
1627414	./underlay
496676	./wideanglecheckers
1102636	./wideangls
1276884	./yellow_react_skyl

my first approach is ye olde brute force

Dec 2008