last night i found an app i installed awhile back called chaoscope

had a play and made some cool pics, like this one


my fav way of getting results with these apps though is animating them

had a poke around in the app and couldn't find any tweening support

but there is a batch mode that could generate images from a number of projects

so here's what i did...

  1. played around and saved two projects, one to represent the a start of the animation and one for the end
    (notice these two differ only one value in the parameters section, around line 11)
  2. converted the project file into an erb replacing the varying values with references to x, eg
  3. wrote a ruby script to generate a project per frame into a batch directory
  4. fired up 4 instances of chaoscope (one for each core) and ran them in batch mode; each handling every 4th file
    (i found not saving an image on overflow made the animation less jumpy)
  5. made a movie of the stills with mencoder
    (mencoder mf://*bmp -o anim.avi -ovc lavc -lavcopts vbitrate=10000)
june 7 2008